Shaving Without Irritation

If you’re not waxing, then here are some tips to make shaving a bit easier and look a lot better. (Call me if you want to start waxing 🙂 )

1. If you have already irritated, red bumps on your skin, don’t shave over them. You will only irritate them further. This is especially important for the underarms where it can get painful.

2. Shave last. Let the water and heat hydrate and moisturize the hair and skin before you shave.


3. Try to avoid shaving over the same area over and over again. Once should be enough. If it isn’t, check your razor.

4. Shaving creams are great but hair conditioner works great too! Don’t use your expensive stuff; any conditioner will do. You don’t need very much and your legs will be super soft and super moisturized after the shower. Nair is another secret. It is crazy how soft your legs will be…and your hands. 🙂


5. Don’t pick at ingrown hairs, scabs or bumps. You will only end up scarring yourself and/or irritating the skin. Cortisone cream will calm the skin and the ingrown hair will eventually come out on its’ own. Don’t use cortisone cream any longer than 2 weeks because it can thin the skin.

You Asked. I Answered.


Updated: July 2017

Q. “The little white bumps on the scalp and forehead. You can’t pop, you can’t scratch them, they are hard little things.”

A. Without having more information and without seeing them, I will assume they are milia. This is the most common answer to this question. The good news is…they are very common and not harmful to the skin. The bad news…hard to get rid of naturally. They are formed on top of the skin and are often caused by products that are too heavy for the skin or when the product can’t penetrate (like the eye area where you have no pores). They happen when dead skin gets trapped under the skin’s surface. The best way to try to get rid of these is to exfoliate (Glycolic Cleanser and Retinol Scrub) and hydrate. I recently got one and I was very diligent with those two steps and it was gone pretty quickly. They don’t always go away though and if they bother you then going to a Dermatologist is the next step. They can use lancets to extract them. Easy and pretty painless. (in some states, lancets can be used by Estheticians. California is not one of those states)


Q. “After I get a cold sore (below my lip, between my lip and chin), I still have a lot of redness where it was over a month later. What can I do to get rid of the redness?”

A. This is actually a tough question with not necessarily an answer. Avoid picking the cold sore is priority #1! Just like a pimple, picking at it can prolong it and cause skin irritation long after it is gone. The best solution if picking isn’t your issue, is to hydrate the area. Medications (oral or topical) will dry out the skin because that is part of the healing process. It is drying out the bacteria to kill it. Therefore adding hydration to the skin is important to counteracting the side effects. So my advice is to keep it as hydrated as possible while you have it and obviously after it is gone. Grapeseed Oil is my favorite. Natural and non-irritating.

grape-seed-oil-6ozQ. “Is retinol the most powerful ingredient for wrinkle prevention? If not, what is?”

A. Retinol isn’t necessarily for prevention. It can be used that way but most use it to soften fine lines and wrinkles. (prescription retinol, like Retin-A is much stronger and can definitely be used for prevention…with side effects though!) Exfoliation, acids (like Glycolic), vitamin-C and SPF are your best bets. Along with regular facials, of course. Getting rid of dead skin is key. Using a scrub (or my favorite, the Konjac Sponge) helps get rid of the dead skin in a physical way. A Glycolic Acid (which is proven to be the best chemical exfoliant for wrinkles) is a great addition to your routine. Vitamin-C will brighten your skin and also help with protection from the sun (hyper-pigmentation!). And, we all know that SPF is the #1 way to prevent aging. Probably not the answer you wanted if you were looking for a miracle but I have always said that there is no miracle when it comes to skin care. (Grapeseed oil is the closest!)


Q. “I’m getting age spots on my hands!”

A. Hands are often neglected and exposed to the sun A LOT! We wash them all throughout the day and usually don’t think to apply SPF to them. I recommend that every time you apply it to your face, rub it on your hands as well. Of course, that only lasts until you wash your hands again so keep some with you at all times. There are travel size bottle that are small enough to keep in your purse (not in your car, too hot!) Another way to help is to exfoliate and hydrate your hands properly. If you use a Glycolic Acid on your face, use it on your hands too. Along with serums and grape seed oil. All these things will probably not get rid of age spots (very, very difficult to do on anything below the face) but they will help prevent.

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Should I Shave my Face?

Updated: July 2017
I get this question a lot! Men have always been known for aging gracefully (and they don’t even appreciate it). Their secret? Shaving. Here are some myths and facts regarding shaving your face. You might find that you will want to do it…
Myth: Shaving your face makes your hair grow back darker and thicker. Just as with the rest of your body, hairs on your face will not grow back darker, thicker, or more numerous if you shave them. 
Fact: Shaving coarse hair will create stubble. If you have a few coarser hairs sprinkled among the peach fuzz, pluck or wax them first to avoid any chance of (horrors) facial stubble. Female face shaving is a skin treatment, not a hair removal method.
Myth: Shaving roughens the skin. If you’re like most women, you’ll find your legs feel smoother than parts of your body that you don’t shave. Smooth, fine-textured skin is just a side effect for legs, but for your face, it’s a prime benefit of shaving.
Fact: Men look so young for their age in part because they shave their faces. Exfoliation speeds up skin cell turnover and reveals chubby young skin cells underneath the old gray ones. Women exfoliate with scrubs or cloths and men shave. As far as skin is concerned, it’s all exfoliation; skin doesn’t care if it’s taboo to shave.
Myth: Shaving gives you ingrown hairs. Fine hairs don’t have the tensile strength to grow into skin like coarser hair on the legs and at the bikini line, so shaving can’t cause ingrown facial hair. This is another reason to remove coarse hairs before shaving.
Fact: Makeup goes on more smoothly with a shaved face. If you want immaculate foundation coverage, shave your skin smooth. While female face shaving improves skin texture, taking off any fine hair down near your jawline is a nice fringe benefit. Powder that used to cling to facial fuzz now lies flat and smooth on your skin.
If you’re convinced, here’s a quick rundown on how to shave your face. If it makes you feel better, call it “razor exfoliation.”
  • Wash your face before shaving and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Use a special razor and throw away after 5 uses. You don’t want to use a dull blade.
  • Remove any coarse hair with tweezers (a good pair of tweezers is important).
  • Shave in the opposite direction of hair growth at a 45 degree angle using short, upward strokes.
  • Avoid acne, blemishes or any skin irritation.
  • Shaving is a form of exfoliation. Skip other forms of exfoliation a few days before and after.
  • Clean the blade with rubbing alcohol when finished.

Always use a razor dedicated to face shaving alone. Hair elsewhere is too coarse, and using the same razor everywhere leads to shaving cuts. Take care around your hairline and eyebrows. You want people to notice your glow, not your half an eyebrow.  As long as you remove coarse hairs first, you can shave as often as you like (about every 3 weeks). It’s one of the kindest and least irritating skin treatments.

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