The Truth About Anti-Aging Products

Updated: July 2017

We all want to fight the signs of aging and so we go to the malls, our Estheticians and Dermatologists, hoping they will have the answer, maybe even the cure for our wrinkles. From fighting free radicals to stimulating skin’s natural collagen production, anti-aging products make enticing promises.

Do they work? That’s what we want to know, right? Below I have listed 4 commonly listed ingredients and some evidence on whether they actually play an effect on your skin.


As we age our skin gets thinner, loses fat and starts to sag and develop fine lines and wrinkles. We produce less collagen and elastin to keep our skin firm and plump. Oh my gosh!

Peptides are small proteins that help stimulate new cells to grow and to help skin cells to heal.

Scientists are still not sure how beneficial these actually are because of the size of the molecule. They are rather large and that makes it more difficult to deeply penetrate the skin. They can, however, do some good in a moisturizer and serum. This way they can hydrate the skin and make lines less noticeable. Whether they reduce wrinkles, the jury is still out.

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids (AHA’s)

Examples are glycolic, lactic and citric acids which are natural ingredients that come from fruits and milk sugars. They are great for exfoliation because they get rid of dead skin cells, allowing new cells to grow.

Each acid does something different for the skin. Lactic Acid (comes from sour milk) removes the dead skin cells so this will have a brightening effect. Glycolic Acid (comes from sugar cane) helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles which can make skin look smoother and tighter.


A natural form of Vitamin A, this boosts the thickness and elasticity of the skin therefore reducing the signs of wrinkles.

There is an abundant amount of evidence to support that retinol works! Finding it in the right products is the tricky part because you need to have enough to get results. Most over-the-counter products cannot put enough retinol in them to give you the benefits you need. This Retinol Serum is amazing and when used correctly, can do great things for the skin.



Help fight cell damage from free radicals, which are molecules that could injure cells and increase inflammation.

There are many antioxidants that are effective, however, the formulation is the most critical. Vitamins C and E are the most commonly used and time-tested.


Partners in Crime…for your skin

TGF-β Booster + Rx Complex Serum are partners in crime to iron out deep wrinkles. This master combination self propels into the skin for dramatic results—skin is left remarkably plumped. These are amazing! I combine them with the Hyaluronic Acid serum and apply every morning. I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin. 🙂


TGF-β Booster
Unlike any product on the market today, this highly enriched concentrated serum has 85% pharmaceutical grade anti-aging ingredients and human-like growth factors in a Hyaluronic Acid base. It works on the cellular level by stimulating the production of soluble collagen and elastin from human fibroblasts. TGF-β Booster diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for a luminous, healthy, youthful glow.
Rx Complex Serum
As the clinically proven, safe, gentle and highly effective alternative to cosmetic surgery and painful injections, this technological advancement provides a high concentrate of peptides and liposomes to improve skin rejuvenation, naturally. Most effective at reducing expression lines and oxidative DNA damage. Highly recommended for dry and dehydrated skin.

Rx Complex is the perfect match for you! It is an all-in-one anti-aging & brightening serum that combines Vitamin C, MAP (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate) system with peptide technology to target your all-around skin care needs in one single application.A serum that rebuilds the collagen layer, significantly reduces deep wrinkles and lines, and combats premature aging with powerful antioxidants.

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Vita-C Serum and Hyaluronic Acid Serum
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Eye Cream

Convincing people to start using eye creams is probably one of the hardest parts of my jobs. Most seem to think they don’t do anything or that whatever they buy is fine. Read the label! What’s in the cream or serum is very important!!

Instead of waging war with your under-eye circles, reduce pigmentation and increase the elasticity of saggy skin by using products that contain peptides.

Here are 2 from Skin Script that I retail, use and LOVE!