Shaving Without Irritation

If you’re not waxing, then here are some tips to make shaving a bit easier and look a lot better. (Call me if you want to start waxing 🙂 )

1. If you have already irritated, red bumps on your skin, don’t shave over them. You will only irritate them further. This is especially important for the underarms where it can get painful.

2. Shave last. Let the water and heat hydrate and moisturize the hair and skin before you shave.


3. Try to avoid shaving over the same area over and over again. Once should be enough. If it isn’t, check your razor.

4. Shaving creams are great but hair conditioner works great too! Don’t use your expensive stuff; any conditioner will do. You don’t need very much and your legs will be super soft and super moisturized after the shower. Nair is another secret. It is crazy how soft your legs will be…and your hands. 🙂


5. Don’t pick at ingrown hairs, scabs or bumps. You will only end up scarring yourself and/or irritating the skin. Cortisone cream will calm the skin and the ingrown hair will eventually come out on its’ own. Don’t use cortisone cream any longer than 2 weeks because it can thin the skin.