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Honesty in Skin Care

Updated: September 2017

There are so many skin care lines on the market today. I can’t keep track. Just when I think I have heard of everything, a client comes in with another one. This only adds to the confusion of picking the right products for your skin. We are lucky that we have the internet and so much information at our fingertips but who do you believe and trust?

There is not a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new about skin. I read so much about skin care, it is a bit overwhelming sometimes. I love it though. I have been studying skin for about 17 years now and I have learned a lot. Plus, the hands-on experience helps too. I can see what works and what makes sense. When I decided to write a blog, I wanted to be able to provide truth. I am honest with my clients and I am honest here on my blog.

I will always explain why something will and won’t work. I will tell you why you should be using a product because I think it is important to understand the “why.” Purchasing a bunch of products that you read in a magazine doesn’t usually work that well for most. They buy but don’t know why and don’t even know if it is right for their skin. How many products do you have sitting in your bathroom cabinet?

Now I can’t help each person individually (unless you book a consultation) but I can provide you with an honest approach to skin so that you can take the information and purchase the correct products (Skin Script and Le Mieux…hint, hint).

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Yelp- Can We Save Our Reviews From Being Filtered??

About a year ago I wrote a blog post about my love/hate relationship with Yelp. My feelings haven’t changed and, if anything, I have gotten more frustrated because their sales phone calls and my filtered reviews have increased. On the other hand, my business is getting stronger and busier and I recognize that Yelp has helped. I currently have 14 reviews that you can easily view and then there are an additional 8 that are filtered. My reviews are legit and I am so thankful that my clients have taken the time to write something for my business. I feel bad because I don’t want them to feel like they wasted their time and I don’t want it to discourage others to do it in the future. So, luckily my online booking system, Styleseat, has their own section for reviews. They call them, recommendations.


I stumbled across an article today and it just might help all of us with this filtered review thing on Yelp.

What Makes for A Filtered Yelp Review?

Yelp tries to filter reviews that it thinks are likely to be fake – namely reviews generated by someone who hasn’t really gone to the business or are somehow influenced or slanted. Yelp takes a look at a variety of criteria, and will generally filter out reviews that:

• Are from someone who has only written 1 review

• Are from someone who has no profile info (profile photo, additional info, link to Facebook, etc.)

• Are strongly slanted both positively and negatively

• Short and lacking details. From a location other than where the business is located

Here are some things you can do to help keep your Yelp reviews unfiltered…

• Write a bunch of Yelp reviews. Take 10 local businesses and leave Yelp reviews for them. Your favorite local businesses will thank you and you’ve done good in the world by helping them. But remember, Yelp wants real people giving real reviews.

• Connect your account to Facebook. It’s more trouble, and more likely that you are real.

• Make friends. Use Facebook or Email to quickly send invites to lots of friends on Yelp. You might be surprised how many friend you back. Then Interact with their reviews by marking them Useful, Funny, etc. Yelp accounts with friends are more likely to be real.

• Download the Yelp app and Check In. If you are hooked up to a mobile phone, it’s more likely that you are real.

• Leave tips. Show that you are about more than just review scores.

-information from The LocalVox Blog


What YOU Do Makes a Difference!

I talk about Le Mieux serums all the time. On Facebook, my blog and especially in my treatment room with my clients. I think they are amazing, super effective and inexpensive. (You do not have to spend a fortune to have good skin!)

Here is a picture of the results of using 3 different serums and grape seed oil (I do think the oil had an effect on the skin tone and texture).


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DIY Blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, etc…

I am on the internet a lot. I check out so many different websites just looking for different things to discuss on my blog, Facebook and Instagram. I come across A LOT of DIY stuff and some of it is scary. The problem is people are posting things and other people read them and think, “well, it worked for her so it will for me!” Not always true. I don’t think I’m the absolute expert on skin but I have experience and I do a lot of research to find out what works and what doesn’t. 


Please, do your own research if you are going to try some new “miracle” solution for your skin. Ask me! You could be damaging your skin…even if you don’t see the damage now. You can break down the collagen and elastin (what keeps your skin firm), causing you to age faster. (that is just one thing that could go wrong)

Or you could live by this rule…

If it sounds to be good to be true, it probably is.