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Changing Your Skin Care Regimen? Start with a Facial!

I offer free skin care consultations. This is a great way for people to try out my products without investing in a facial when they are on a budget. I will do a skin analysis and ask you a lot of questions. We discuss everything about your skin and then I send you home with samples and a prescription sheet that will guide you in your new routine.

In a perfect world, everyone would get a facial first and then try the samples. The reason I prefer this is that it will allow me to see your skin react immediately to the products I use and gives me the opportunity to deeply cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Plus, all facials include extractions.

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Be a Man with a Plan!

Too many men tell me that they just “wash” their face with water. If that isn’t good enough for your body, why would it be good enough for the face? The shampoo falling from your head is also not good enough. 😉

While men are generally luckier than women when it comes to their skin, they still need to care for it properly. And, it can be very easy to do.

I’ve come up with a simple 3-Step Plan, morning and evening. It will take you no more than 2 minutes…probably less!

And for those that want more, I have more! More plans that will help with anti-aging or breakouts or whatever else might concern you. If you don’t know where to start, you can get a FREE consultation from an Esthetician (me!) to help guide you.

This 3-Step Plan will last about 3 months and can be automatically shipped to you so you don’t have to worry about running out. It just can’t get any easier!



Sunburned? Try These Tips

I am posting this again just in case anyone sunburned themselves over the holiday weekend…

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Updated: July 2017

So you spent a little too much time in the sun and forgot to reapply and now you’re fried! Yes, it is a little painful but there are ways to alleviate the pain and the actual burn a little quicker than just waiting. Here they are…

1. O2 Calming Gel– I love this even more than Aloe Vera. It’s soothing and works for so may things, including sunburns.

2. Aloe Vera– Soothing and calming, this will help the burn feel and heal better. Get the pure 100% Aloe (some others that aren’t pure, will contain alcohol). You can even keep it in the fridge to keep cold. That feels good on a burn.

3. Honey– If you have been reading my blogs, you know I love honey for the skin! According to research, it helps heal wounds, and applying some to your sunburn can…

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What YOU Do Makes a Difference!

I talk about Le Mieux serums all the time. On Facebook, my blog and especially in my treatment room with my clients. I think they are amazing, super effective and inexpensive. (You do not have to spend a fortune to have good skin!)

Here is a picture of the results of using 3 different serums and grape seed oil (I do think the oil had an effect on the skin tone and texture).


For More Information:


BB Creams- “Liquid Gold??”

BB Creams. They are everywhere! On television, magazines, Facebook and my clients are even asking me about this “liquid gold”. Since there is so much buzz about this product still, I am blogging about it again.

Originally created by a German Dermatologist in 1960 for patients after surgery, this “Beauty Balm” or “Blemish Balm” was a hot trend in Asia in the 1980’s. Now we are seeing it throughout the United States and it has been nicknamed BB Cream. This so-called miracle in a tube claims to do almost everything, from creating a flawless complexion to reducing pore size, healing breakouts, controlling oil and lightening dark spots. That is A LOT for one product to do!

Despite all the frenzy created by the cosmetics industry and beauty bloggers (not me!), BB creams are not products you “must have”. Essentially, they are no more than tinted moisturizers with sunscreen. At least the ones sold in Western countries.

This product is about convenience and there is nothing wrong with that but please don’t expect a miracle. The formulas are different from company to company but sun protection and light coverage color are the norms.


Some have a thicker, creamier texture and some offer a bit more coverage than standard tinted moisturizers. For those of you with oily, combination or breakout-prone skin, you may not care for the creams with a thicker texture.

Bottom Line- BB Creams aren’t anything special and most claims of their extra abilities are marketing fluff, not reality. There are some great BB Creams but even those are not “must-have” products. The best reason to consider one is if you want more coverage than a tinted moisturizer but not as much as a standard foundation. You can relax and breathe now if this is a trend you feel compelled to ignore. You are not missing out! If you think this is something you have to have, please don’t get seduced by the does-it-all claims. (If you can get your hands on one from Asia, you might be happier and you will definitely get more results!)

CC Creams- They are coming! In fact, Olay has already come out with one. Or did they?

It’s called Total Effects CC Cream 7-in-1 Tone Correcting UV Moisturizer, SPF 15. Holy Moly! That is quite a name and a lot of promises!! I’ve written in other blogs about cosmetic marketing and the key words they use to get your attention and persuade you to buy, knowing that their products won’t deliver. Here is what you need to know about this specific product…

Previously this was called Total Effects 7-in-1 Tone Correcting UV Moisturizing, SPF 15 (no “CC” in the name) but the formula has NOT changed. Further proof that BB Creams and CC Creams are just a marketing ploy.


Cranberry Sugar Facial

Cranberry Sugar Cane Facial

Anti-aging enzyme that is packed with antioxidants, while sugar cane gently exfoliates to refine skin tone and texture. An amazing facial that will also moisturize and help firm the skin. Followed by a Vanilla Clove Hydrating Mask that is packed with antioxidants and hydration. (limited time only)

$65 ($10 savings)

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Meaningless Cosmetics Claims You Shouldn’t Believe Part 4



Why it’s meaningless: The word “cosmeceutical” was dreamed up to describe cosmetics products that are supposed to have some level (proven or not) of special benefit over and above regular “cosmetics.” A combination of the word “cosmetic” and “pharmaceutical” and you have cosmeceutical.
The fact is, “cosmeceutical” is merely a marketing term; it has no regulation or standards behind it so anyone can call their product cosmeceutical, regardless of what it contains. There are no cosmeceutical-grade ingredients anywhere in the world.

(Information by Paula Begoun)


Skin Scripts Skin Care- On Sale!

I think that Skin Scripts is one of the best lines out there right now. Before I decided on a skin care line for my treatment room, I researched a lot of products and talked to a lot of people. Once I tried Skin Scripts though, I knew this was it. I saw an immediate improvement in my skin. Of course, seeing a difference in my skin wasn’t enough so I had a few other people try it and everyone saw changes. It’s not only important to use the right skin care products for your skin but it’s important to use a line with active ingredients. This is why I believe in Skin Scripts. I stand behind everything I sell and everything I do.

I am now offering a 15% discount on all Skin Scripts items.

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“Believe it or not, her face is remarkably better!! Oh man is she happy. She’s having a great week thanks to you. ” —–Satisfied Customer (this is was from a mom about her teenage daughter)