The Blemish Clear Mask…that works!

Healing Acne Facial
This facial will be customized to fit your skin needs and skin type plus target acne and breakouts. It will include a Blemish Clear Mask that is a deep cleansing anti-inflammatory blemish control treatment.

It contains Microalgae Extracts and other biological plant extracts known to absorb excess sebum and clarify blemished skin. Natural Tea Tree Oil combats bacteria and reduces inflammation as it works with Zinc to regulate sebum metabolism. Willow Bark Extract, rich in natural Salicylic Acids, gently helps to exfoliate skin to reduce the build up of dead skin cells which can lead to clogged pores.


I have been experimenting with this mask and I cannot believe the results! When I remove the mask from each client, their skin is brighter, clearer and much less irritated. Le Mieux has done it again! Their products are amazing and effective. 

Bonus! This mask is safe for pregnant women! I know a lot of women battle with their skin during pregnancy and are limited in what can be used on the skin so this is the PERFECT facial and mask to help heal and clear the skin.

One thought on “The Blemish Clear Mask…that works!

  1. Crystal Anderson March 21, 2013 / 10:15 pm

    I had a facial with Devyn yesterday & she used this mask on my face. It was fantastic! First of all, it is very cooling & comfortable on the skin. I normally don’t like masks on my face for too long because they start to bug me & feel either too dry or itchy. This mask had a cooling sensation that made it very comfortable and I felt like it was soothing my skin. I noticed an immediate difference in the clarity of my skin. So much brighter & balanced looking. It took some of the redness and irritation away immediately. The results got even better later into the day and this morning when I woke up I was amazed. My skin looked radiant & so healthy. I would highly recommend this facial for anyone who is dealing with problem skin. I told Devyn that I needed a “magic” facial & that’s exactly what I got! I will be back again very soon for the same treatment.

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