Miracle Body Buffer! Removes Hair, Exfoliates, Massages and More…

The Miracle Body Buffer uses Random Orbital Oscillation technology create the perfect massaging tool for the entire body. The orbital oscillation directs energy to stimulate target areas all over the body to reduce muscle soreness, tension and stress. Targeted areas will also benefit from increased circulation, collagen stimulation, and movement of lymph and synovial fluids. If that wasn’t enough, the addition of a BUFFsmooth hair removal pad will leave you hair free in minutes. The BUFFsmooth hair removal pads offer a revolutionary way to remove hair*—super-fine exfoliating crystals remove unwanted hair without any harsh chemicals or pain associated with other hair removal methods.


Interested in this amazing Miracle Body Buffer? Check out these great services and book one today at introductory prices!


Or, you can purchase one and use at home anytime you want!



Exfoliation Does a Body Good $50
Are you feeling dry? Does it seem like you are always applying lotion (or grape seed oil) but your skin never seems hydrated? Dead skin might be the problem. Just like the skin on your face, your body needs to be exfoliated properly so that it can absorb the products. We will start with ultra-gentle skin exfoliation from the chest down to your feet. And then after, we will buff your skin with Grapeseed oil leaving your skin softer, smoother and more hydrated.
This is a great service pre-spray tan (do the day before).

Hair No More…Painlessly
Yes, it is possible to remove hair without irritation! Great for men who want no hair or even less hair on their chest or back. We know that shaving and waxing can irritate the skin but this Miracle Body Buffer does not! After the hair removal process, we will buff your skin to ensure it stays hydrated. No face or bikini area.
Price varies, depending on the area.

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