Miracle Body Buffer! Removes Hair, Exfoliates, Massages and More…

The Miracle Body Buffer uses Random Orbital Oscillation technology create the perfect massaging tool for the entire body. The orbital oscillation directs energy to stimulate target areas all over the body to reduce muscle soreness, tension and stress. Targeted areas will also benefit from increased circulation, collagen stimulation, and movement of lymph and synovial fluids. If that wasn’t enough, the addition of a BUFFsmooth hair removal pad will leave you hair free in minutes. The BUFFsmooth hair removal pads offer a revolutionary way to remove hair*—super-fine exfoliating crystals remove unwanted hair without any harsh chemicals or pain associated with other hair removal methods.


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Exfoliation Does a Body Good $50
Are you feeling dry? Does it seem like you are always applying lotion (or grape seed oil) but your skin never seems hydrated? Dead skin might be the problem. Just like the skin on your face, your body needs to be exfoliated properly so that it can absorb the products. We will start with ultra-gentle skin exfoliation from the chest down to your feet. And then after, we will buff your skin with Grapeseed oil leaving your skin softer, smoother and more hydrated.
This is a great service pre-spray tan (do the day before).

Hair No More…Painlessly
Yes, it is possible to remove hair without irritation! Great for men who want no hair or even less hair on their chest or back. We know that shaving and waxing can irritate the skin but this Miracle Body Buffer does not! After the hair removal process, we will buff your skin to ensure it stays hydrated. No face or bikini area.
Price varies, depending on the area.

The Eyes- How to Treat Them Well

Let’s talk about the eyes today. I’ve mentioned all of this before but this is such an important area and it seems to cause the most confusion.

1. The eyes have no pores. They stop at the orbital bone around the eye.

2. The skin is 7x thinner than the rest of your face.

3. Most abused/ages the quickest

4. Under-eye puffiness is mostly genetic. Salt, allergies and abuse can make it worse.

5. Dark circles can also be genetic. Lack of sleep, dehydration, aging and nose jobs can make them worse.

6. There is no miracle product.

1. Do not apply product past your orbital bone. There is no reason to because the product will not be able to penetrate. You will only get milia (small, whitish bumps) and greasy eyelids.

2. Do not apply moisturizer in this area (past the bone). Yes, I am repeating myself! Eye creams are great and serve their purpose but I also think that serums can do the same. I stopped wearing an eye cream about 1 1/2 years ago and I have not noticed a difference. The serums I use will do the same things and since I am applying them to the same area (stopping at the bone), why do I need another product? Now, if you want to firm up the area during the day, then an eye cream can do that for you.

Le Mieux Eye Wrinkle Corrector


3. Be gentle. Use eye makeup remover at night (Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover is my favorite and the only OTC product I recommend!). It removes even waterproof mascara…which should only really be used on special occasions. Avoid pulling and tugging at your eyes. This includes when you are applying your makeup. Every little thing matters.

4. You can’t avoid allergies and genetics, I get it. Salty foods and abuse, you can. If this is a big issue for you, try eliminating these and see what happens. If this is NOT a chronic problem, try cold cucumbers (or really anything cold will work) on your eyes when you wake up, for 20 minutes.

5. Get more sleep! As far as dehydration goes, this isn’t about drinking more water (although that is always a good thing), it is more about what you do topically. Does your serum have hyaluronic acid in it? That will help with hydration. And, of course, my favorite go-to product…Grapeseed Oil.
As you age, the skin naturally starts to thin and that is why darkness gets darker. Treating this area more carefully can help.
Nose jobs causes severe bruising under the eyes and releases the formation of iron which can give a rust-colored stain under the eye.

Le Mieux Vita-C Serum
Le Mieux TGF-B Serum

6. Are you exfoliating your eye area? I use my Skin Script Glycolic Cleanser about twice a week on my eye area (be super careful!) and also my new Konjac Sponge (also about twice a week). Even though you don’t have pores, exfoliating will help lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skin Script Glycolic Cleanser
Konjac Facial Sponge