Eddie Nash Foundation and Chapstick

I am honored to know Bryan Nash, the founder* of the Eddie Nash Foundation. I recently met with him to talk about his foundation and the work that he does and is done with the kids. It’s amazing! It takes a special person to be able to see and deal with the pain and suffering on a daily basis. Of course, that is nothing compared to what the kids go through.

I believe that things happen for a reason. About 3 weeks ago I decided that I wanted to do something for a charity. I am picky though. I want to make sure that whatever is done will get to the necessary people and I wanted to find a way to tie it in with my business. I had some ideas but nothing that I thought would really take off. Then, I met with Bryan. I asked him what I could do. He said, “Chapsticks. Kids love to have their own Chapsticks.”

Easy enough. Something we all have and definitely take for granted, these kids treat like gold. I immediately knew how I was going to make this happen. I am very excited to do this and can’t wait to present Bryan with a big (hopefully!) basket of Chapsticks!



Their Mission Statement:

To create an enlightened world without violence, by breaking the cycle of hate resulting from abuse, prejudice and all forms of violence affecting our youth, through development and execution of community based programs that empower foster youth to succeed in life.


Check out this amazing foundation:

Eddie Nash Foundation




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