Botox. Is it Making You Look Younger??

Botox…I’m not against it. I think women should do what makes them feel better about themselves as long as it isn’t harmful. Of course I would prefer that you don’t do it.


Did you know that Botox could actually be making women look older? Because Botox paralyzes muscles and makes them immobile, the long-term loss of muscle may cause the skin to lose fullness, which will actually make the overall face appear older! You will not see lines and wrinkles on a youthful face (enter Botox) but younger skin is full and plump.
You could then get fillers to help with the plumpness but then you risk altering your appearance and not looking natural. (think Lindsay Lohan, Courtney Cox) Fillers, over time, start to fall and change the shape of your face.


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