Renee and me.

I often feel like my thinking (philosophy, whatever you want to call it) on skin care is so different than everyone else’s that it sometimes makes me think twice. I find myself doubting ME! When I get in that frame of mind, I do more research. I dig deep and find things that support my theories. The longer I do this, the less I am doubting myself. I am more confident and secure in being in my own lane. I don’t want to change what I believe is right about skin just because other people don’t. I have science to back me up.

That being said, I was still pretty excited when I started reading information written by Renee Rouleau (celebrity Esthetician) and I found myself agreeing with what she had to say. I kept waiting for something to disagree with because I have never been on the same page with someone for so long! Not only do I agree with her but a lot of the stuff she has written about is stuff I have already written about. We think a lot alike. 🙂


So when I came across her view on over-the-counter (OTC) products, I was anxious to read what her thoughts were on the subject. This is what she wrote:

Over The Counter products:

Made in large batches for the masses so more preservatives are added since the shelf life will need to be longer.
May have less or lower percentage of active ingredients since they will be sold to “for all skin types” and therefore need to be more basic, simpler formulas.
Formulated by chemists and presented and sold to the public by corporate marketing specialists. Lots of hype and clever marketing jargon to get you to buy it.
Most products are made for “one size fits all.” (If you’re looking for results, it’s imperative that you use products formulated for the unique needs of your skin.)
Added synthetic dyes, colors and fragrances to heighten the sensory experience and esthetic look for the sole purpose of encouraging sales.
Low quality, inexpensive oils with potential pore clogging properties. The drug store is loaded with products containing mineral oil and petroleum which are forbidden ingredients by most skin care professionals.
High SPF numbers (SPF 50 and above) originated by mass marketers to mislead people into believing that high SPF numbers were more effective without scientific proof for the sake of selling more products. (The FDA has put in a ruling to ban all sunscreens higher than an SPF 50 since there is no proof showing it protects the skin more.)

If you truly want to improve the appearance in your skin, I think there is no better place to purchase your skin care products than through a reputable skin care professional. -Renee Rouleau

YES! For those of you that have been reading my blog, you know how I feel about OTC products. I have said those things above and now I have back-up from another professional.

There is a difference!

Ps I really would love to meet her one day! 🙂


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