Acne Sufferers! Read This!!

Inflammation-Inducing Foods to Avoid

These are foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar which cause an insulin response in the body, which then causes an inflammatory response; everything we eat is converted to sugar as it is digested, but different foods are converted to sugar at varying rates- these are “rapidly” converted to sugar.




One thought on “Acne Sufferers! Read This!!

  1. Maya May 17, 2013 / 12:25 pm

    Although I have read that extensive studies by JAMA and AAD show that there is no direct correlation with diet and acne, I do believed that sugar is not beneficial to the body, therefore to the skin. Thus we are encouraged to eat foods that are complex carbohydrates that doesn’t convert to simple glucose (sugar) quickly. But alas, too many in the above list are too convenient and yummy to take in!

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