Salicylic Acid in Foundation?

I’ve never been a big fan of Clinique. It started in high school when I used their products and they didn’t work for my skin, at all. Then, when I fell in love with skin and began reading about ingredients and different product lines, I finally understood why I didn’t like them. So when I heard about their Acne Solutions Foundation w/ salicylic acid, I had to check it out. I try to keep up with as much stuff regarding to skin as I can but it is impossible to do it, unfortunately. This one got away from me because when I started my research, I found that it has been around since 2010! Yikes!

My first thought about have an ingredient like salicylic acid in a product like foundation, that sits on your skin all day, was that there was no way this was healthy. Now that I have done more reading, I don’t disagree with myself. 🙂

My client, who told me about it, said that she stopped using it because her skin became too dry. That is because that acid dries up all the oil in the skin. Estheticians use it as a chemical peel. Of course you see it in a lot of products these days but not often will you find it in a  daytime product that is a leave-on.


My biggest problem with this is that people don’t know the long-term damage they are doing to their skin. I can pretty much bet that Clinique is not educating their customers on salicylic acid.

When I read reviews online, people were saying how dry it made their skin, the foundation turned orange mid-day and made their acne worse. I would love to try this out on my skin but I’m on the dry side anyway and don’t suffer from acne or breakouts so I am not a good tester.

Bottom Line: Please avoid this foundation and any other foundation with this ingredient (yes, there are others!). Acne needs to be taken care of with proper skin care products NOT makeup. Come see me if you need guidance. I want to help! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Salicylic Acid in Foundation?

  1. a naturopathic guide March 19, 2013 / 9:43 pm

    I agree skin problems need to be resolved, not covered up. And it’s interesting you comment on Salicylic Acid, because a lot people actually have adverse reactions to that chemical in food and drugs, i wander it it’s the same in the make up, drying up skin?

  2. M. Williams May 10, 2013 / 3:52 pm

    I disagree! For those of us who have very oily skin, salicylic acid is a Godsend. I’ve used it in serums and gels, both Rx and OTC, and am currently using a foundation that contains it. It’s nice to not have to blot my face every hour! The SA helps keep my pores clearer, too. Sure, SA foundations aren’t for everyone; they’d be terrible for dry skin.

    Yes, I have proper skincare. I have had a dermatologist for over twenty years, and have been under the care of an endocrinologist for almost ten years. Being on Accutane for more than very short periods of time isn’t an option for me or most people, so over the years I’ve had to seek out options that are the best for my skin. SA, used judiciously, is one of them. I’m 54 now, and my skin looks pretty darn good.
    Throw those of us with oily skin a bone, and don’t knock SA!

    • SkinCarebyDevyn May 10, 2013 / 10:18 pm

      I don’t have an issue with salicylic acid. I use it in my treatment room and it is in the products I retail. I do have an issue with it in foundation. I do not agree that this product should stay on your skin all day especially when you will then be exposed to the sun.

      I think it is great that it has worked out so well for you and that you like it in your foundation. Luckily, OTC products can’t use a lot of it in the makeup for it to do a lot of damage but it may be doing some.

      I have many clients (of all ages) who have had oily skin and I have changed their skin care routine so that they do not have that as an issue anymore. Yes, they still tend to be on the oily side but their skin is now regulated. There are always exceptions but most should not have to suffer with oily skin and having to blot throughout the day.

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