Is Reality Tv Bad for Your Skin?

There has been a recent study that links reality tv to tanning. It demonstrates that college students who watch reality tv are twice as likely to use tanning beds or seek outdoor tan than those who don’t watch these shows.

The study was published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and it surveyed 576 college students but the researchers didn’t ask what shows were being watched (Jersey Shore anyone?!). This is scary because we all know now how dangerous tanning (in any form) can be to our skin.


These people portrayed on tv are sending messages that being tan is cool, desirable, necessary and healthy. Not true. The reality is that more young women (under 35) are discovering they have skin cancer. The best case scenario with this is they are only left with a surgical scar but the worst case scenario is they have malignant melanoma and are fighting for their life.

Reality tv is not healthy for those that can be influenced by what they see on tv. It’s ok to watch if you can keep that common sense with you.


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