Dr. Oz Agrees with Me!

I found this excerpt from an article on the Dr. Oz website. I was so excited because I am often asked about over-the-counter products and their effectiveness. I am always very honest with my clients (and I hope they know that!) but it is nice to get back-up sometimes by someone that people seem to listen to and respect. It isn’t necessary to spend a fortune on some of these products because they just can’t help. I’ve had some great success with Le Mieux serums but even those will not completely erase the damage. Prevention is your best bet. If it’s too late for that, come in and talk to me and we can figure out the best way to soften those fine lines and wrinkles without forcing you to spend a million dollars. 🙂


Anti-Wrinkle Creams

Wrinkle creams can range in price from $8 to $80 – and there are even some that top out at $400. But when tested, the $400 cream was no better than an $8 one. Beyond that, results when using any anti-wrinkle cream leave something to be desired, especially if your wrinkles are deep set. Rather than trying to reverse the effects of time, try preventing wrinkles in the first place. Use sunscreen and drink plenty of water – these are two of the best wrinkle fighters, and they’re not nearly as expensive!  -Dr. Oz. Show



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