Enzymes and Their Benefits


Glowing skin. Isn’t that what we all want? A good home care regimen with monthly enzymatic facials will do the trick. As we age, the natural exfoliation slows down, which leads to a buildup of dead skin cells. Fine lines, uneven skin tone and sometimes acne are the results of this buildup. Fruit enzymes strengthen the natural exfoliation process which will reveal new and healthy skin cells.

Fruit contains natural enzymes, and for most skin types, they are safe to use. Enzymatic fruits, such as papaya and pumpkin, provide both antioxidant nutrition and exfoliation to the skin when mixed with other fruits such as lemon, pomegranate, blueberry and kiwi. And since the enzymes only dissolve the topmost layer of the epidermis, the skin is not injured so there is no downtime like you might experience with a glycolic peel. You are getting deeper results but still receiving a relaxing treatment.


Brightening and anti-aging.
Good for normal to dry skin.

Good for combination skin.

Mild enzymatic action.
Good for all skin types.

Excellent exfoliation properties.
Good for acneic skin types.

Brightening. Good for acneic skin.

Firming and anti-aging.
Good for mature skin.

Enzymes are used in every facial at Skin Care by Devyn. They are chosen based on your skin type, needs and concerns. Plus, theses fruit enzymes smell great!

*source, Les Nouvelles Esthétiques & Spa (Dave Waggoner)
**I do not recommend using lemon on your face at home. Lemons are quite strong and can do more damage than good if not used properly.


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Skin Care Kits That Make Sense

Generic skin care kits don’t usually work for most people. The ones that say “Anti-Aging” are supposed to be for people over  a certain age but I find that younger people want those products too but the whole kit doesn’t necessarily work for them. Anti-Aging is generated for those with dry skin because as we age our skin gets dry (or drier). Well, if you have oily skin but don’t want to age, what do you use?

I have decided to create my own kits. I will introduce them slowly and they will be featured on my website. They will target different age groups, skin types and needs. None of us want acne and none of us want to age. We shouldn’t be boxed into a category and force our skin to fit into it. Our skin care should fit into our skin needs.

I will also put together some specials so that you can try some of the products and learn to love them like myself and my clients. I get testimonials, text messages and phone calls all the time from clients telling me how my facials and the products have changed their skin. I want you to be a success story too!


These are both great cleansers and work amazing together. The Pomegranate Cleanser can be used am/pm followed by the Cucumber Toner. Then use the Glycolic Cleanser 2-3x a week (also followed by the Cucumber Toner). This is great for dry and normal skin types and even those with breakouts.

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Professional vs OTC Products

This chart says it all. So important so please take a moment. If you have any questions, please ask. And remember, just because they are “professional” products, it doesn’t mean expensive. Skin Scripts Rx and Le Mieux (lines I retail) are very reasonably priced.




Rosacea- Is it a Reaction from Bacteria?

This information is an excerpt from an article on FoxNews.com. I was really excited when I found it and had to get it out to all of you! Please tell me your thoughts.


Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that causes redness, flushing and bumps across the face that can be mistaken for acne. The cause of rosacea has been unknown.

However, recent research indicates that tiny mites that live on the skin might be the cause or more accurately, bacteria that live in these mites may be the culprits.

Rosacea typically affects those between the ages of 30-50 and occurs more often in women then men. It often flares in response to stress or overexposure to the sun.

Michele Green, MD, a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City told WebMD that she felt that theory had merit, as “many people with rosacea notice that their skin gets worse after exposure to heat and humidity, conditions that also help mites thrive.”

Antibiotics have often been given to treat rosacea to reduce inflammation symptoms but doctors have been baffled as to why other drugs such as steroids, which also reduce inflammation, do not seem to help.

According to WebMD, “Demodex mites live on the skin of 20% to 80% of adults. The tiny bugs are invisible to the naked eye. Until recently, it was thought that the mites lived harmlessly, feeding off the oily sebum that coats the skin.”

Kavanagh described how changes in the skin due to stress, age or illness cause the population of mites to swell. It has been found in research that people with rosacea have 10 times more Demodex mites than the general population.

What was discovered is that certain bacteria live inside these mites and when these mites die then they release the bacteria onto the skin. It is theorized that those excess bacteria are what triggers the reaction of redness and inflammation.

“What’s more, this bacterium is sensitive to the antibiotics used to treat rosacea,” reported Sciencedaily.com.


I have talked about this for a few years now and people think I’m crazy but I’ve seen the research and it makes sense.


Winter Bringing You Down?

Try these 6 mood busters and get out of that funk!


1. Spice Up Your Mood!

This spice blend from my Secrets of Longevity Cookbook will help restore your happiness and alleviate stress. You can easily mix this tasty spice blend yourself. Fresh is best; when possible, grind your own spices from the original dry source. Store in a glass jar for up to six months. To use, simply add the spice blend to your meals just as you are finishing cooking the dish – about 1 minute before you turn off the heat. Add to your soups and stir-frys, as well as veggie, fish, bean or grain dishes.

Mix 1 tablespoon each:

• Lavender

• Dried and crushed rose

• Dried sage

• Chili powder

• Ground saffron

• Ground cardamom

• Dried rosemary

2. Stand Up and Smile– It’s so simple. 🙂 If you have been sitting at a desk all day, sometimes just getting up, stretching and doing it with a smile can make all the difference. It gets your blood flowing and can give you an instant surge in your energy level. And the smile will release seratonin, the feel-good brain chemical that will instantly perk up your mood!

3. Count Your Blessings– Sometimes when we are having a bad day (bad week, bad month) we forget to remember the good things we do have in our life. Remembering these positive and happy things can change your mood and make you feel happy again. Write them down. Focus on them.

4. Turn Up The Radio– I don’t know about you but this always works for me! I love music and it can absolutely change my mood and lift my spirits. So, the turn the music up, close your door and just dance. Have fun and let loose. Not only is it good exercise but it will turn that frown upside down!

5. Rainbow High– If you always wear black and gray, maybe it’s time to add some color. Bright shades of pink, red or yellow are best for stimulating your brain. The color will make you happy!

6. Do Something for YOU– Sometimes just stopping and doing something only for you is the best way to get yourself happy again. We are so busy all the time and constantly doing things for other people (Moms- Are you listening?) that we forget to care of ourselves. I hear it almost daily with my clients. It’s important to not be forgotten. Come in for a facial and let me pamper you. Let me take care of you!