Meaningless Cosmetics Claims You Shouldn’t Believe Part 2


Non-comedogenic or “Won’t clog pores”

Why it’s meaningless: You can’t trust any product that makes claims of being non-comedogenic (or the less common “non-acnegenic”) because there are no approved or regulated standards for these statements anywhere in the world. In other words, no matter what a product contains, a company can claim that it won’t make you break out, even if it contains ingredients that are known to trigger breakouts. With no guidelines or standards in place, even the thickest, greasiest moisturizer around can claim it “won’t clog pores.”

And forget the claim “oil-free”! There are lots of ingredients that can make skin feel greasy that aren’t listed as oils.

What to look for instead: Avoid products that have a thick, creamy consistency. For the most part, ingredients with a creamy texture are usually the ones that clog pores and make skin feel greasy. When shopping for almost any skin-care product or makeup foundation, the best option for those with oily skin or breakouts is to look for products that have a liquid, gel, serum, or thin lotion consistency. Products with thinner textures are less likely to clog pores or worsen breakouts.

(Information by Paula Begoun)

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