In a Pinch

Have you ever gone on a trip and realized you have forgotten something? Of course you have! We have all done that!! Here are some easy solutions so you can still relax on your vacation…

1. No Foundation- Mix a little of your powder in with your moisturizer.

2. No Hair Gel- Use some of your shaving cream through your hair. Not gel, that would be a sticky mess. 🙂

3. No Moisturizer- Cool Whip! Yep, you read that right. Sorbitol, which is in a lot of moisturizers, is also in cool whip.

4. No Makeup Remover- Crisco. Just like grandma used to do! Rub gently.

5. Tangled Hair- You can use this handy trick at home too. 😉 Use your blow-dryer to detangle your hair. Set it on cold and direct it at the tangles. Cold contracts the hair cuticles, which loosens the knot.

6. To freshen up your room or your mood, spray perfume on the light bulb. The heat will diffuse the scent throughout the room.

Skin Care by Devyn


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