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Facebook is so great for small businesses because it allows us to reach a lot of people. I take advantage of this by posting my blog, quick skin care tips and most importantly, awesome deals so that YOU can save money. There are so many things to know about skin and things seem to change daily. Using Facebook I am able to keep everyone informed. It’s also a great place to ask questions (please don’t hesitate!). All for free!

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Skin Scripts Skin Care- On Sale!

I think that Skin Scripts is one of the best lines out there right now. Before I decided on a skin care line for my treatment room, I researched a lot of products and talked to a lot of people. Once I tried Skin Scripts though, I knew this was it. I saw an immediate improvement in my skin. Of course, seeing a difference in my skin wasn’t enough so I had a few other people try it and everyone saw changes. It’s not only important to use the right skin care products for your skin but it’s important to use a line with active ingredients. This is why I believe in Skin Scripts. I stand behind everything I sell and everything I do.

I am now offering a 15% discount on all Skin Scripts items.

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“Believe it or not, her face is remarkably better!! Oh man is she happy. She’s having a great week thanks to you. ” —–Satisfied Customer (this is was from a mom about her teenage daughter)